by Ondre Cares

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produced by ondre cares



released December 5, 2013

art by nate sells



all rights reserved


Ondre Cares Los Angeles, California

I do not rap i just make beats and gab on them.


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Track Name: 1,000,000,000
im a mutha fukin docta
found my scapel
im a rock ya
poison apple

gnna stop ya dead in ya casa
u r scar im mufasa

ima start u so fake
im a bar yous'a flake

ill take ur atmosphere as fast as tears
runnin down ur face like when i slapped ur girl
i got mass appeal thats for sure
got hella fur
shit pearls like mirrors

1 billion
1,000 million
Track Name: bank hill (ft k-war)
i love lucy and Gucci lobster
don't own a gold watch but watch me touch ur girls crotch bitch
im awesome bitches like my hair long
I'm just talkin hot dog ur girl pulled out the bare bun
im dummy famous call me whoopi Goldberg
but the fake tan had ya bitch way to golden.
like those who culd damn walk the street
I don't even like hoes

booty shake like a jello cup
bill Cosby
got the bitches stackin up
they still countin (dollas)
it's like money from a tree
I feel Its finally sproutin (grown)
I walked the Path and up the hill
fuck it now the mountain
Everest, I play a lick
and bitches think I'm jimmy Hendrix
I got money's I got so much and I ain't e spending
and u know I got bunnies man that's fuckin rabbits
and u culd guess i got hunnies on my fuckin breakfast (pancakes)
Track Name: steez jobs
i finna get cash
i finna on my ass
i finna get stacks
make it fuckin happen

finna get some cash
finna get some ass
finna take ur car use all ur gas
finna take ur shit i felt so bad (just kidding)
finna take ur bitch thats all u had (im winning)

finna have my castle
im livin in slow motion
smokin on sebastian (uh huh)
bitches rubbin in the lotion (right here)

no suspicion open up ur ass again
they naked in my kicthen while they cookin kim kardashian

i finna get cash
i finna on my ass
i finna get stacks
make it fuckin happen

chicken on rice (teriyaki)
finna be nice (yup)
im a eat this im a king rub my feet bitch (massage)
liquor on ice (pour)
finna shoot dice (whats ur price)
i dont think twice (whore)
its what i take ur cash with
Track Name: flint kardashain (ft. nice nigga)
gucci print out the door
u dress for less at ross cloths
i fly first class to singapore
my best will press ur task force

yall bunch a squares in a cirlce
bitch im talkin waffles
ya boys like some bad chicken
call ya roscoes

kim kardashian (north)
kim kardashian (west)
kanye kanye kanye kanye
Track Name: lindsay nohands (ft k-war / john hall)
bean boppin bitch
she dont even leave the house (no no)
all she do is suck my dick

she dont even need a bed (uh uh)
or a futon (sleeps on hardwood)
im eatin chicken salad (caesar)
and i let her get a crouton (just one)


gettin my dick sucked while im leanin against the wall (on her knees)
standin on my feet and im thinkin bout the mall (shoppin)
i forget her name thats ok im smokin loud (loud)
she aint never leave the house (naw)
bitch u trying to leave, aww naww that aint alound

where the bean boppin bitch (right here)
who like to suck dick
she dont even leave the house (no no)
all she do is suck my dick
Track Name: abraham thinkin (amish)
i could stack cheese (havarti)
in my house of bread (with turkey)
ur girl i could tease (that sandwich)
with nothing said (twerking)
had the pussy prepped (its working)
could of beat it dead (BUT I DIDNT)

thats lights out (alright)
call me abraham (ok)
Amish // 1600's

what? lincoln ok presidential
im smokin weed in (yup)
alright residential areas
with babys playin

i aint got no barriers
rabies raisins it aint no fuckin terrier
but a feline fruit creation (what)
my girl thinks im a mental patient (huh)

sound production from inside the dark basement
start facin it the facts that i be lacin it (thats true)
on tracks with heat thats blazin shit (you knew)
kids praisin bass n shit
base heads takin rips to the face and shit (they blew)

standin face to face with the devil with demons in angels places
boo hoo boo hoo boo hoo
with demons in angels places
Track Name: ronald trump (ft k-war / nice nigga)
im the guy whos always gettin 2nd place in the one legged race
with 2 feet and still cant even fuckin win
got bees bumblin honey brewin somethin then
money green
u tumble weed my team look like army men (salute)

talkin bout my squad (my squad)
you dont even know what im bout to say next (nope)
they hands all on ur girls butt (all on ur girls butt)
thats high nasticity all them gettin barred up
for foul activity (gross)

call me paul bunyan aint no one is big as me (thats big)
blowin O's like funyons with smoke thats chimney (thats thick)
ur a mutha fuckin meth head (uh huh)
with flows so sickening (what)
turn my king into a mutha fuckin death bed

get ya hair cut ya big bitch (slice)
im not a barber have ya mutha fuckin wig split
thats some sick shit

but thats ok do what you do (ayee)
the hoes know we gnna ball
thats ok we be chillin we be coolin all damn night
thats ok say whats ya say (ayee)
the hoes know we gnna ball
thats ok thats ok the hoes know we gnna ball
Track Name: amanda fynes
smokin blunts down (moke)
thats how we live (life)
a fuckin qp (damn)
its gone in a minute.

lavish luxery (yup)
my parents culdnt stand me (nope)
im walkin down the street with a hand full of weed (a whole lot)
im a menice and my neighbors called me denise (like the movie)

i moved to santa monica boy thats right next to venice (real close)
im walkin down the pier i dont give a fuck you listen (nope nope)
im drivin in my car drunk steerin like im sleepin

and everyone around me god damn think im elvis presley
that was just a lie some shit that ur girl just text me
fuckin bean boppin bitch

i just dumb smoked a qp (poof)
where did he go
woke up on the god dang roof (wtf)
bitches like my chipped tooth (mt. everest)
i touch my dick bitches wnna grip too (nope)
whack a bitch and get rude (oops)
flip like a switch would but the bitch suck my dick good (true)

and everyone around me god damn think im elvis presley
that was just a lie some shit that ur girl just text me
fuckin bean boppin bitch
Track Name: -1,000,000,000
put a billion on black

so much cash (wow)
so much god damn weed (i cant breath)
always buyin shit (uh huh)
that i didnt even need (like 3am tv)
all i give a fuck about is $ bitch
i use to _____________
and still get A's on my assingments

very big bank flo
kinda small brain size
ball game pat swaze
kid u know my games tight (damn)

i got jewels diamonds too gold bars promethazine
in a fuckin rolls royce gold trimmed // ecstasy
hangin out the window (BALL)
i dont fuckin care all the winds blowin in
got cash flyin by my hair

so much moneys in my fuckin car
pull up to the casino bout to start

put a billion on black (billion)
yea thats what i said
put a billion on black
and watched it hit on red (i lost)

put a billion on black ( a billion)
i didnt even hit (nope)
put a billion on black
and i walked out the bitch (dumb)

billion on black...

hit red shulda hit red now im in debt

lost a billion on black...