This Isn't Wrap

by Ondre Cares

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Produced by Ondre Cares

IG/Twitter/Facebook : @ondrecares


released March 4, 2014

Album Art by Chris Harris



all rights reserved


Ondre Cares Los Angeles, California

I do not rap i just make beats and gab on them.


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Track Name: Madagascan pochard (Intro)
I woke up sleepin on 1000 dollars.
thats not much but its quilted round 3 billion feathers
shouts out to grandma
madagascan pochard (rare bird) shipped postal in card USPS
ball so hard give me chain ill just post in yard
u single file just like the lemmings game (MACINTOSH)
this aint rap its somethin different feel the change
Track Name: Famfam ft k-war
I got people who give a fuck about me
all these traffic jams but aint nuthin gone stop me
all this is hair look like i be shoppin
ya i slappped yo bitch as soon she fuckin touched my pockets
cuz she know u square u n yo friends they look like boxes

ur beats soft as shit mine hard as rocks is

i got the worm u r the bird no flight like ostrich
you dont know me but i got some people talkin
hes so awesome

I got people who give a fuck about me
all these traffic jams but aint nuthin gone stop me
Track Name: Ball Clinton (Hillary)
bitch I hit like berry bonds
ondre cares explodes in 2014
his hair so long
my beats sound like a billion
cares rhym style so silly
heat that's flame with gasoline
I don't need no Vaseline
bitch so wet need napakin
I do not rap
I just make beats n I gab on them
hit the liqour store get some wraps and then I pass to friends
I'm the one that fuckin cares
ya that's his name
I got mutha fukin bunnies
yellow rabbits
that's my game

ball game
bill Clinton

people talk n make assumptions
like i got bitches under my desk while I'm tryin a run a country
files and documents but I can't read so so I just sign em @ the bottom. still pimping bill ball
Clinton still got em


ball game
Bill Clinton
Track Name: #WESOHEEMEDUP ft Masta lee
talkin bitches all mine is hella fine
got the whole city dancing
like is 99' into 2000
now I got the world bouncing
ondre cares n over qualified
loud shit new gen,
all u bitches hurt that's some ow shit
I got bunnies on my carrot farm
I got much moneys
and lotsa sound shit
makin songs
that have them white girls
move like brown bitches
they got no booty
grade d dummy down bitches
that's a Thot tossed
not even worth the round tripin
hit the ground slippin
flipin pounds that's a town business
lotta clowns lotta lotta snitches
lotta wishes bout lotta riches
so I bout a lotta lotto tickets
lost that plus the billion on black
all still while makin hitters
Track Name: Bae'
Sorry if i was never there when you need me to be
cuz i wasnt
but thats the type of she that gone change round here
i use to think a whole lot differently
so stupid
but now things gone change. things gone' change im for real
im for real. im for real for u i kill
thing gone' change here.

ima call you bae.

things gone' change round here im for real im for real for you i kill

now things gone change. things gone' change im for real
im for real. im for real for u i kill
thing gone' change here...
Track Name: Couch weed
squad up with kanobi
bitches thinkin that they know me
see me shoot I ball like Kobe
that's before career was over
I found weed up in my sofa
split the wrap n get to smokin
even Sammy think I'm Sosa
way I hit the ball be coastinnn
out the park into the ocean
try to step n then get broken
do not speak unless get spoken

fuck if u don't feel me
ondre cares that shit get eerie
put yo bitch up on the ceiling
lick that clit and buy her earings
that's just necesary
plus I like shoppin
where da bean boppin Bitch at
idc, I don't like em (i dont)
who got weed I wnna smoke
where's the lighter
smoked a fuckin ounce
still ain't tired
made a fuckin thousand songs
man that's lots of honeys
now people cross the world screaming
I got much moneys
Track Name: 666
listen here im drinkin beer
smokin weed mind still so clear
watch me steer my car in rear
fear misdirection get misdirected
thats consequential get infected watch ur head spin
while i sharpen my pencil
had ur girl so high she went full mental
and i still ride in my aston martin
i know u smell it bitch thats weed im sparkin
had my windows up smoke so thick u started caughin
blunts now out aint no one talkin
dummy slept u barely wake and
eyes so tight you look like asain

I'm a fuckin philanthropist
the man with bands on his wrist
I plan to ban shit fuck transcript I fukin land shit
hop in the trans am n slam shift
with a tramp that smell like a sandwich I culdnt Even dance with
more the type of girl id hit the bak of my hand with
when I'm mad n can't stand shit
behind the band dancin titties out bam bam shit

I got fam fam bitch
so my house is damn crammed n shit
damned n can't sip

I got fam fam bitch
Track Name: This aint hip hop
my self esteem is helicopter
I'll heal my self I am my doctor
listen while i speak words for you
truth and trust r the main factors
fake ass friends
will flock like black birds
but keep it real just play life backwards keep ur hat down cuz judgments passed and keep ur guard up cuz most be actin

feed yo self cuz no one care
you must be strong
let no one tear you
fuck that bitch if love ain't clear view
never ever look In the rear view

very rare shit these r the tear tunes

this ain't hip this shit u sleep to
I made this thinkin
maybe i could speak thru
the voices of the weak few
solid as brick while others clear n see thru they b fallin with no grip imagine no one there to save u
hold up hold up
but don't let them get you down
roll up roll up moke up
a whole fuckin pound
I'm not fuckin around
somethin is wrong
people are fucked up
And no ones at fault
a story that's been told for so long
someone pass me the bong
smokin on loud